An ICME Trilogy

An ICME Trilogy is a selection of papers and other inputs produced for the 10th International Congress on Mathematical Education, ICME 10, in Denmark in 2004; and for ICME 11 in Mexico as well for ICME 12 in Souh Korea in 2012. The contributions are numbered 1xx, 2xx and 3xx respectively

101. One Digit Mathematics
102. Adding PerNumbers
103. Bundling & Stacking in a Count & Add Laboratory
104. Deconstructing Modern Top-Down Algebra into Postmodern Bottom-Up Algebra
105. Per-Number Calculus
106. Applying Mathe-Matics, Mathe-Matism or Meta-Matics
107. Pastoral Power in Mathematics Education
108. FunctionFree PerNumber Calculus
109. A Kronecker-Russell Multiplicity-Based Mathematics
110. Multiplicity-Based Mathematics Found by Postmodern Sceptical Fairy tale Research

201. Avoiding Ten, a Cognitive Bomb
202. A Fresh Start Presenting Mathematics as a Number-predicting Language
203. Decimal-Counting, Disarming the Cognitive Bomb Ten
204. Pastoral Algebra Deconstructed
205. Pastoral Calculus Deconstructed
206. Applying Pastoral Metamatism or Re-Applying Grounded Mathematics
207. Pastoral Humboldt Mathematics Deconstructed
Appendix. A General Enlightenment Curriculum
208. CATS, Count&Add in Time&Space – a Natural Way to Become a Mathematics Teacher
209. Pastoral Words in mathematics education
210. Deconstructing the Mathematics Curriculum: Telling Choice from Nature
211. Mathematics Education: Pastoral Bildung – Or Anti-Pastoral Enlightenment
212. Concealing Choices to Teachers
213. Workshop in 1digit Mathematics, Cup-writing & Decimal-counting
214. The 12 Blunders of Pastoral Mathematics
215. Mathematics as an anti-Pastoral Natural Science

301. Come Back with 1digit Mathematics
302. Recounting as the Root of Grounded Mathematics
303. Calculus Grounded in Adding Per-numbers
304. Saving Dropout Ryan With A Ti-82
305. Contingency Research Uncovers the Roots of Grounded Mathematics
306. Mathematics as Manyology
307. Counting and Adding Roots Grounded Mathematics
308. Fractions Grounded as Decimals, or 3/5 as 0.3 5s
309. Counting and Adding – a Natural Way to Teach Mathematics
310. Hidden Understandings of Mathematics Education
311. Social Theory in Mathematics Education
312. Workshop in Recounting and Decimal-writing
313. Three Teacher Taboos in Mathematics Education
314. To Math or to Totalize, That is the Question
315. Discussion Group 6 on Postmodern Mathematics, Theses 1-7
316. Postmodern Skepticism toward Mathematics and Education and Research
317. Manuscript to a YoyTube Video on Postmodern Math Education
318. Manuscript to a YoyTube Video on A Postmodern Deconstruction of World History
319. Manuscript to a YoyTube Video on Deconstruction of Fractions
320. Manuscript to a YoyTube Video on a Postmodern Deconstruction of of PreCalculus
321. Manuscript to a YoyTube Video ona Postmodern Deconstruction of Mathematics Education
322. The Booth